Go Natural

Before going out and buying any new anti aging natural skin care products, take a little time to get familiar with the products available. Natural ingredients are the key to making the best anti aging skin care system, but the companies who honestly go totally organic are in the minority.

Most of the major companies will use small doses of active “natural” ingredient in their anti aging natural skin care products. Then they will fill out the rest of the formula with chemical additives and preservatives. This is a deceptive practice as the use of a handful of natural ingredients certainly does not make the product organic.

Many times you’ll see these same companies claiming that without a doubt, they have the best anti aging skin care products on the market. When in truth, not only are their products not wholly organic, some of the natural active ingredient that they do have may be harmful. You’ve got to know what you’re looking for when you read that label.

Look at the craze over synthetic proteins in anti aging natural skin care products. These proteins are supposed to produce the same effects as Botox, but they are still synthetic, and no one yet knows what the long term effects of using the man made proteins are going to be.

The best anti aging skin care products these are not. As a matter of fact, the FDA is investigating in order to determine if these synthetic proteins should really be classified as drugs. So, these chemically produced proteins may be off the shelf sometime soon.

Another good example of natural ingredients gone bad is Collagen. It seems as though all of the current anti aging natural skin care products contain it. The manufacturers are banking on the fact that you will recognize the name; understand that it is a natural protein formed in the human body, and that you will buy their product based on that limited bit of information.

Collagen is an ingredient that you would never find in the bet anti aging skin care system. The reasons are twofold, Collagen isn’t readily absorbed by the skin, therefore is useless in a topical solution, and it is listed as a serious allergen. People are required to take an allergy test before being allowed to receive Collagen injections.

Mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum are all commonly used natural compound used in anti aging natural skin care products, but none of them are actually healthy for your skin. They will clog the skin’s pores and destroy pH balance. This affect actually increases dryness, and cause breakouts and blackheads.

The best anti aging skin care system will contain only vegetable oils and include waxes which are similar to the skin’s own sebum. Remember, if an ingredient in your anti aging natural skin care products sound as though they might be something that you could eat, then it’s probably good for your skin.