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John Oliver recently discovered, much to his dismay, that many Americans still don't know who Edward Snowden is or what he did. So the "Last Week Tonight" host did.John Oliver and Edward Snowden talk password security. Connect with Last Week Tonight online… Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost.John Oliver Gets Sage Password Advice From Edward Snowden For starters, a computer can guess an eight-character password in less than a second.Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden sat down for an interview with comedian John Oliver nearly two years after he leaked classified documents about U.S.John Oliver Grills Edward Snowden In Riveting Interview — Watch. John Oliver, 37, traveled all the. John Oliver’s Edward Snowden Interview.Last Week Tonight's John Oliver landed an interview with one of the United States' most polarizing figures: Edward Snowden.Other segments: Eight Mile Style v New Zealand National Party, American Health Care Act of 2017.In a surprise interview with Edward Snowden, John Oliver made NSA spying revelations more relatable to the American public through the topic of dick pics. The.

The controversial Patriot Act's Section 215 expires this June, and John Oliver would like you to know it. The HBO comedian took a deep dive into government.Other segments: South Carolina Republican primary, 2016 United States Supreme Court vacancy, Hollywood whitewashing of movie roles.Video: John Oliver gives us the Edward Snowden interview we need The HBO host went to Russia to sit down with Edward Snowden for a frank and funny discussion of the.But Oliver wasn’t there to be lectured. Veering from profane penis jokes to Edward R. Murrow-mode from moment to moment, he challenged Snowden on stories that.

Other segments: U.S. state legislatures in United States elections, 2014.Remember Edward Snowden? For many Americans who talked to John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, the answer is no. It’s been almost two years since the world.

See John Oliver's interview with Edward Snowden on Last Week Tonight HERE!.John Oliver flew to Russia to talk to Edward Snowden about the NSA and dick pics for his HBO Show Last Week Tonight.

HBO comedian John Oliver just scored his biggest coup yet: an in-depth interview with whistleblower Edward Snowden.Democratic and Republican presidential primaries and the primary process.Other segments: Ongoing Venezuelan protests, Elbowgate, Ramzan Kadyrov.Note: This episode was 45 minutes long instead of the regular 30 minutes, and garnered the show international attention due to the appearance of Edward Snowden.Other segments: Cuba raising American flag in Havana, Warren G.John Oliver raises the profile of his HBO series when he travels to Russia to interview Edward Snowden.

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Earlier this week, Edward Snowden caught up with John Oliver to enumerate all of the ways the NSA can obtain your nude photos, and it seems they had an.On Sunday night's episode of Last Week Tonight, our host did something special for his main story of the night. John Oliver interviewed Edward Snowden about.Credit scores in the United States ( Equifax, Experian, TransUnion ) and background checks.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Republican replacement proposals.Other segments: Legal affairs of Donald Trump, Trump University.John Oliver stopped in to 'CBS This Morning' to talk about the "dispiriting" presidential race and his epic Edward Snowden interview.

John Oliver mixed humour with tough questions while interviewing Edward Snowden - and even got him to explain the NSA leak in relation to dick pics. The British.

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Republican Senator Cory Gardner has a 25 percent approval rating in Colorado."You're giving documents with information you know could be harmful, which could get out there." John Oliver traveled to Russia to speak with NSA whistleblower Edward.The complaint portrays John Oliver as a bully who is "likely further reducing [Murray's] already limited life expectancy due to his Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.".Guests: Rich Sommer, Jake Lacy, Eugene Mirman, and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Video: Edward Snowden admits to John Oliver: I didn't read

When John Oliver announced that Last Week Tonight would be on break last week, few people knew that the host had flown to Russia to interview Edward Snowden for the.Watch John Oliver Edward Snowden Interview video. Browse related Snowden videos, including Snowden movie trailers and interviews.John Oliver Talked to Edward Snowden About How the Government Is Spying on Your Dick Pics. John Oliver Talked to Edward Snowden About How the Government.Other segments: United Kingdom general election, Chinese New Year.

About 16 minutes into the episode, Oliver sits down with Edward Snowden in Moscow to talk about his disclosures.

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361 tweets • 180 photos/videos • 4.77M followers. Check out the latest Tweets from John Oliver (@iamjohnoliver).Last Week Tonight host John Oliver interviewed Edward Snowden in Russia to discuss his leak of classified NSA documents and American privacy.Guests: Laverne Cox, Kumail Nanjiani, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Jack McBrayer, Aisha Tyler, Jonathan Banks and Kristen Schaal.

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